Friday, December 12, 2008

Social Networking Via The Search Engines

No doubt about it that social networking is an awesome way to connect with others online, beit for business or personal.

Get to know people and become known.

And when used properly and selectively, you may become known as an authority in your field amongst your peers. (Social networking is so cool!)

Well, how about using a social networking tool while you surfing the Net?

"Social networking tool to surf the Net?" you might ask.

A resounding "Yes!"

And not only that, you can use this social networking tool so when you use the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, & MSN), you are able to see rankings on all 3 search engines on your seached word/phrase, instantly leave comments and vote on those sites, connect with others who use this same search engine tool, and even earn points to be cashed in for Visa gift cards using!

A great little powerhouse indeed!

So since you're gonna use the search engines anyway, why not be compensated while you're at it? During sensitive times like these, who couldn't use a Visa gift card to get those "little extras" you desire?

And if nothing else, earn the points for your Visa gift card and give it to someone you know who can really use it right about now.

Sign up today!

You'll be glad did!

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